Available Classes



Powerful Flow

A dynamic, empowering vinyasa flow focusing on strength and flexibility both on and off the mat. (Power Flow is our 45 minute/ shortened variation.)

Deep Stretch

A slow moving class focusing on flexibility both on and off the mat.

Slow Flow

A slower version of our power class, focusing on strength and flexibility on and off the mat with longer holds and longer warm-up and cool-down.

Slow and Stretch

A 45 minute class to get you moving slowly and purposefully and stretching.  Half of the class is a slow flow and the second half is a deep stretch.

Yin + Yoga Nidra

A passive version of deep stretch focusing on stretching  the space between our skin and our muscles, also known as fascia.  This class concludes with a guided meditation meant to help relieve stress and promote a more restful nights sleep.

Yoga Nidra

The ultimate relaxation experience! Grab your pillow, blanket, comfiest clothes, and your favorite soothing music to set the scene for this guided meditation journey that will leave you feeling peaceful and rested.

Rest and Restore

Sometimes affectionately called sloth yoga or adult nap time, Restorative Yoga can be done by almost anyone. Poses are held from 10 to 15 minutes using lots of props to completely support the body. Restorative Yoga helps to promote fascia opening, circulation, relaxation, restoration, and healing on a cellular level. Emphasis on complete muscular relaxation and comfort are emphasized to achieve a quiet state of mind and body. 


This 45 minute class is designed to meet you where you are at.  The class will have limited standing, balancing and twisting, and will focus on gentle movements.  We will focus on our breath and paying attention to sensation.


Sun Salutes

Sunday mornings are an amazing time to explore Sun Salutations; Surya Namaskar A, B, and C. In this practice well move through these series of sun salutations, energizing and strengthening the body, improving blood circulation, and benefiting the lungs, digestive system, and muscles and joints. Our practice will begin with energizing movement, saluting the sun and honoring our bodies, minds, and spirits, and end with slower restorative asanas to cool down the practice to bring our yoga on and off the mat.


Mobility Flow and Stretch

Join us weekly for this 45 minute Flow & Stretch class focused on mobility. Andrea will move you through series of poses with special focus on creating and sustaining mobility throughout your body, preparing you for whatever other forms of physical activity you participate in, whether it be other forms of yoga, weight lifting, sports, walking, etc... Class will end in savasana so be sure to have all of your favorite props handy to soak in your practice and enjoy the results throughout the rest of your evening and into the week ahead. 

Yin & Mend

Yin yoga invites you to slow down and turn inward as you hold passive poses for longer periods of time in order to create space for stillness. These poses are designed to nourish your joints, fascia, and all the spaces within your body and mind. In the second half of the class we will settle you into a supported and peaceful savasana where you will receive 45 minutes of rejuvenating acupuncture designed to restore balance within the mind, body, and spirit.  Your acupuncture experience will be complemented with a guided relaxing meditation (Yoga Nidra), essential oils, and a cool lavender eye towel. (Yin & Mend is a monthly Workshop)

*All classes are suitable for all levels of practitioners.  Modifications, props, and opportunities to deepen poses will be provided.

Meditations Led by Megan