Yoga in the Park

is currently offered outdoors weather permitting AND online upon inclement weather. Registered students will receive an email notice of the online meeting id.

Join us for Part 1 of this 3 part Introduction to Yoga Series. This first workshop will focus on Pranayama, or breath control. Breath is a vital part of our physical yoga practice, and helps us control the flow of Prana, or energy, throughout our body. Megan and Courtney will introduce you to the history of Pranayama, its uses, and you will practice some techniques together. This workshop will not include physical postures, and is suitable for those not looking to pursue a physical yoga practice, as well as those looking to learn more as they prepare to begin a physical yoga practice. Whatever your reasoning, we are here for it.

Join us for Part 2 of our 3 part Intro to Yoga Series! This session will be led by Barb and Dina and will focus on some of your basic physical postures. We will touch upon alignment, sanskrit pronunciation, benefits and contraindications, modifications and self-assists. We will begin with some dynamic movement to get our bodies warm, and then we will work with each pose individual in the sequence one might utilize them in a general hatha yoga class. This workshop is suitable for beginners or those looking to retune and refocus their physical practice.

Join Barb and Courtney for our final session in our 3 Part Intro to Yoga Series!This final workshop will focus on Dhyana, or Meditation.  We will look at the history of meditation, it's role in Yoga, different types of meditation and their benefits, creating a meditation practice, and of course we will practice some meditations together!  This workshop is suitable for individuals not looking to practice the physical asanas of yoga, as well as those who are beginning their adventure into the physical yoga practice. 

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